EU to Impose 33% Duties on Hynix
April 24, 2003 - EU Commission to give its decision today. The South Korean chipmaker expects the commission to impose a duty on their product. The EU began a probe in 2002 when German memory manufacturer Infineon alleged that the South Korean government had subsidized Hynix Semi. In March the Commerce Dept. issued a preliminary ruling versus Hynix on this same issue when Micron, U.S. chip maker, complained. If this ruling of the Commerce Dept. is upheld, the U.S. may also impose duties on Hynix.
AMD to Release New Opteron Processor into Server
New chip uses old x86 format while having 64-bit speed. Advanced Micro Device Inc., is releasing its latest server micro-processor, Opteron, into the market. The difference between todays 32-bit processors (including AMD's Athlon MP line) and the newer 64-bit chips is that the 64-bit chips can get data in much larger chunks, making them much faster than today's devices. AMD built Opteron on Intel's x86 design, yet the Intel processor Itanium that it will be competing against uses a totally new design.
Intel P4 3.06Ghz Hyper-Threading Processor
Intel crossed the 3GHz milestone with its new Pentium 4 3.06GHz Hyper-Threading processor. By embedding the HT technology in its new product line, it has shifted its emphasis from speed to versatility. Intel states, the new HT processor will offer up to 25% performance gain independent of clock speed. Since faster clock speed has not enticed new computer buyers into trading their older machines. Intel is betting its big advertising dollars on this new technology hoping to draw users from all walks of application platforms to embrace HT. So the question is what is HT and why should one consider upgrading.